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Since 1950 we have been serving central Virginia contractors and homeowners for Alternative Septic Systems, Conventional Septic Systems and Drilled Wells.


We are proud to continue to provide these services in our rural and new development areas. Family owned and operated with generations of committed services, we welcome your communications.











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Browsing our web site for valuable information:
All information herein was obtained by local county ordinances and product information. This information may not be as up to date as your local county information. Please check with your builder and your local county.


Our main concern is that the information you receive about Alternative and Conventional Septic Systems and Drilled Wells is accurate and up to date. In our ever changing environment you will want to know the latest types of systems, how they operate and how they serve you for many years to come.
This web will have information to our local counties, permits,
Supporting Contractors, who to call when and if you should call. It's important to know your local government links will have almost all the information you need regarding:

  • Acceptable Depth and Size requirements
  • Location Requirements
  • Permit Requirements
  • Land Use Requirements
  • Information on how to get started for your specific project.
  • Above all, Call your contractor and ask for Dowdy's Well and Septic to get the right solution for the right job.


Alternative Septic Systems:

The process by which you and your contractor choose an Alternative Septic System starts with quality information on what is available. Dowdy's Well and Septic installs and repairs the following systems.
More on these systems can be found on the Alternative Septic page. >>

  • BEST 1

Conventional Septic Systems:

If your new or existing project is in an area that allows a Conventional Septic System contact your Contractor or Dowdy's Well and Septic for an estimate of new or replacement systems.
More on Conventional System can be found on the Conventional Septic page
. >>

Drilled Wells:

Today's Drilled Wells are exceptional! We have more technology and tools to fit most any requirements for new or existing dwellings. Just how is this performed? Dowdy's Well and Septic Service has been installing wells since 1950. We can answer most of your questions and offer local county links to other important questions you may have.
More on  Drilled Wells, examples and images can be found on the Drilled Well page.>>

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